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In his new live film,

multi-media artist and marketing expert Pavel Gitnik addresses the current situation with Kanye 'Ye' West, 'anti-semitism', racial branding, and who really owns the media.

Pavel Gitnik - HEYOKA (2022)

As a Jew, an immigrant, a Russian-Israeli-American, a fashion designer, a rapper, music producer, remixer, cultural engineer, media scholar, filmmaker, storyteller, stand-up comedian, marketer, entrepreneur, and a myriad other keywords,

Pavel explains why he agrees with Ye and Kyrie Irving via --

1) How 'the individual' relates to 'the group'

2) How we use media (keywords are 'media') to communicate to each other

3) And how humanity can be nurtured through a computerized landscape.

*New remixes from Pavel feature throughout the film and communicate where words do not.


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About the film "Heyoka" (2022):

A Trilogy -- each episode about 1 hour

Half-documentary, half digital stand-up special, and half business seminar, the film is an exploration of our relationship with media. Shot over 10 days on an iPhone in portrait mode, it was designed for an 'individual-first' watching experience, allowing the viewer to absorb and process their reactions before sharing them with others.

The unedited version contains the footage in the order it was shot without cuts. It is meant to be an honest and human account of one agent (adj.) individual. 

About Pavel:

Born in 1987 in Moscow, USSR, moving to Israel at the age of 5, and then to Cupertino at the age of 13, Pavel Gitnik was no stranger to the outsider’s POV.

As an artist/entrepreneur, both analytical-and-creative, he has worked in different facets of public life for a decade to build bridges between some of the disparate disciplines that are currently most relevant to 'modernity' -- psychology, technology, economics, education, and culture.

Fun Trivia: Pavel had an iPhone before Steve Jobs did (Read the full story).

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I had an iPhone before Steve Jobs

// by Pavel Gitnik

It was around 1996 -- we were living in a suburb of Tel-Aviv called Ramat-Gan at the time, and my dad brought this odd product home from work he said they were testing out.

It was called an iPhone.

A flat white phone with a screen, a stylus, and a keyboard that slid out.

InfoGear iPhone GEN 1

(PICTURED: iPhone GEN 1 by InfoGear, CIDCO Version - via Wikipedia)

You could do phone things on it -- but it also had a modem built-in that connected to the internet -- browsing, email, and nudie pictures that loaded super slowly on a black and white screen.

My dad worked on testing the first model and then developing GEN 2.

The company's name was InfoGear, a small Israeli-American startup that was later bought by Cisco. (In 2000, Cisco moved us from Ramat-Gan to Cupertino -- that's how we ended up in the States.)

A few years later, Cisco licensed the iPhone trademark to Apple.

My mom still uses the 2nd generation iPhone (Black) in her kitchen.

You can read more about the original iPhone here and here.


'The Biz': Music A&R Reality Show from 2005 (AOL Music, w/ Lyor Cohen)


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5 Albums You Can Listen to START to FINISH - Vol. 1

Half Face - PAVEL

Sometimes I find myself putting off certain activities (even ones I really enjoy), just because I don't have anything "on deck" to listen to.

This is one of those "solve your own problem" apps -- a list of 5 full-listen audio recordings that are at least one activity long:

(click the icons to listen)

1. Jay-Z x Linkin Park - Collision Course (2004) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify

2. Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak (2008) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify

3. Ludacris - Chicken-N-Beer (2003) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify

4. My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me the Workhorse (2006) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify

5. Florence + The Machine - Lungs (2009) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify


Twista - Adrenaline Rush (1997) Play on Apple Music Play on YouTube Music Play on Spotify

You can enjoy these with laundry, a jog, a shower, an administrative task, or anything else that could use some sauce.

Got your own list of 5 complete masterpieces? // Leave it in the comments.